December 12th, 2000


TELES: SkyDSL Success in Italy

The TELES Group has once again met with significant success in the international marketing of its satellite-based broad-band Internet service skyDSL. The Irish subsidiary TELES EuroService Ltd. (TEUS) has just concluded a marketing contract with the Italian company I.S.I.S (International Satellite Invest Service S.p.A., in future called ElioSat S.p.A., Rubano nr. Padua) with a guaranteed minimum fee already from the first year. Both parties expect to install around 10,000 skyDSL systems in Italy in the year 2001 alone.

The skyDSL service developed by TELES enables the user to surf the Internet at 120 times the speed offered by an ISDN channel (up to 8 Megabit/s). It also offers a series of novel "always on Internet" services such as the real-time reception of share prices and emails. Further information regarding skyDSL can be found under

Prof. Sigram Schindler