1 Remarkable time lost and connections duration reduction regarding traditional solutions.

2 Considerable saving on Internet connection costs and gain in productivity thanks to high speed data transfer.

3 Access in real time to multimedia Internet contents: Web TV, Videoconference, videoclip, radio on-line, multiplayer videogames etc.

4 Possibility to manage more download sessions (Internet file transfer) with high speed, taking advantage of the most available bandwidth.

5 Possibility to program the reception of big size datas without the neccessity to maintain aptive the phone connection and without any additional cost.

6 Possibility to have use on computer and home Tv of not cripted and/or pay TV (Stream, D+) Sat TV broadcasts, without buing a decoder.

7 Solution perfectly integrated with the exixting ones: land connectin with analogical modem or ISDN, local network, home dish.

8 Slash of big distances and of architectural features thanks to the possibility of using everywere wireless connections by Satellite.

9 Possibility to connect with low costs to Internet and Intranet remote geographical zones, without land infrastructures in optical fiber and phone lines.