Details about Sat Internet guaranteed broadband

Annual subscription of Sat Connection with fixed cost and minimum guaranteed bandwidth with 128 Kbps in reception, without downloads limits, and download accelerator from 128 Kbps to 8 Mbps. To surf with 8 Mbps speed means to download a file 1 Megabyte sized in one second.

With the Base Subscription, you start from a 128 Kbps speed – that is 16 Kbite per second (minimum guaranteed bandwidth) – adding all the free broadband: surfing and downloading you can reach tens Kilobyte per second speed.

Not as other offers, ELIOSAT SkyDSL allows Internet surfing and file downloading with the preferred speed. The User who choose higher bandwidth speed, more than 128 Kbps comprised into basic annual subscription, they are calculated in units of 1 Megabyte and monthly invoiced.