Details of ElioSat SkyDSL offer



With which speed can I surf in Internet?

Thanks to the simple program application on your Computer, it is possible to surf, with internet access and your provider, in a 60 times superior speed than the one of ISDN lines, till reaching 8.000 Kbps/second.


Can I choose the speed I prefer?

With SkyDSL, during internet surfing, I can every time choose the download speed desired between 128 Kbps and 8.000 Kbps.


SkyEmail service: you can receive at any time e-mails without on-line costs

You don't need to connect internet and to pay on-line costs. SkyDSL informs you automatically and immediately if there are emails for you or when desired it will be delivered directly by satellite to your PC.


SkyFIP service: you can receive your "Favourite Internet Pages (FIPs)" at any time without on-line costs

You can select on our skyDSL FIP server an enormous supply of currently selected Internet pages. As soon as one of the FIPs is updated you will automatically receive this update by satellite free of charge onto your PC.


SkyTV service: receiving TV programs at any time without on-line costs

You can watch a complete TV program on your PC in real time free of charge. Later on it will also be possible to transmit videos also of your own production to any determined target group by Sky TV. Receiving of audio and video streams from the internet is of course already possible today.


SkyRFD service: Receiving huge files without on-line costs

The "Request for Download" service enables huge information sources MP3-files which can be downloaded during certain hours of the day from any web site onto your PC free of charge.


Costs informations on-line and in real time

You can check all your skyDSL expenses on-line at any time and in real time (about a 30 second delay). They are clearly outlined just like you would expect it to be. These information can be naturally password protected.